PSA: FLOPPY (including List Shifter) Once Again Available and On Special (Also: Other Plugin Updates)

I know that several folks have been aggravated, irked, or otherwise disappointed by the fact that my FLOPPY plugin (which is also the source for List Shifter now) was unceremoniously yanked from the plugin marketplace when apparently I missed some sort of deadline for updating to the latest server-side API.

(Aside: I feel like this was poorly communicated by Bubble, but I haven’t been closely monitoring things in Bubble-land of late, so maybe it’s just me.)

Anyway, FLOPPY has been updated to version 1.10.1, bringing its SSA plugins up to compatibility with the latest asynchronous server-side actions API, as required by Bubble. It’s once again available in the plugin marketplace or from the plugins tab in your app.

:tada: To celebrate, I’m offer a little discount for a limited time: I’ve discounted the one-time price to $19 (usually $24) and will keep it there until the New Year. So, if you’re on monthly it’s a great time to upgrade to the one-time payment, etc., etc.

Note that I also updated my open-source plugin collection List Popper & Friends to the new API as well to make those compatible with the latest server-side API. My Parallels Date/Range Transformer to the latest API as well (this didn’t actually require any code changes).

Happy holidays and all that jazz,


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