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Public apps licensing, forking, pull requests and readme

As Bubble grows and became a Github of visual coding, I think its important to have some features added:

  • Public apps should have the option to choose a license (MIT, Apache, GNU etc)
  • Apps should have a readme file so people can have a brief info about the app, author and such - for public apps or collaborators
  • Bubble users can copy public apps (fork), but if they build or update something they can’t make a pull request, an option to ask to merge the new code to the original public app

Maybe a Github integration can make some of it, as well other features like issues, wiki and milestones. I think its useful since Github is free for open source (public) apps.

I have the same doubt. If i make a readme site with a license (GNU, MIT, etc), it will count as license? :thinking: