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Can I publish an app using pages or is it necessary for it to be a native app composed of groups? Also how do I publish an app on the app store from bubble?

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Bubble recommends using groups that are shown and hid when wanted, as transitioning from page to page is usually very slow with Bubble. If you would like to publish your app, a tool like Thunkable or Dropsource would be best, as you could use a web view element to show your app.

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I want to publish an app from the bubble on the app store but somehow I am facing the problem. I asked from Apple iPhone Support about this. Dropsource mentioned above to use the tools like Thunkable or Dropsource but I am not getting these tools. so may I know in detail that from where I will get these tools??

Do this sites absorb the workflows of my app as well?
Tried a bit to do the whole grouping thing but it seems it does not support what I want to do/did opposed to with pages where I can create specific pages with current users/current page users.

What tools do you mean? The web view tools?

With Thunkable, you just need to input the URL of your app into the web view and yes, it will include all your workflows.

Also, for the URL do I use the web url designated to when Iā€™m previewing the app thru bubble?
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