Pull data from one repeating group to another for chart?

Hello, thank you ahead of time for any assistance you may be able to offer. And thanks to the others that have help with me with various other things this far!

My issue: I am trying to pull information from my main repeating group of ITEMS into another repeating group (or whatever works best) to make a chart with data. The data would only have two columns. Item CATEGORY and Item WEIGHT. The Category comes from an Option set that I set up on each item. For the item weight I am trying to add up the weight for each item within each category and display that number in the chart. Ex: There are 5 items with the option set category of “clothing”. They each weigh 5 ounces. The number displayed in the chart should be 25.

I tried getting a repeating group to work but just could not at ALL for some reason. Any thoughts? Disclaimer: the chart in the image is 100% hardcoded to show what I am trying to create.

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