Purpose of file uploader

What is the purpose of the file uploader? Can you actually have the user upload a file for frequency statistics? What I want to do is have the user upload a file that I will analyze behind the scenes. I would imagine the file would go somewhere and the workflow trigger certain actions. But As I read the threads here, I get the impression that the upload is not fluid.


Bubble’s file uploader works in a fairly similar fashion to how a file uploader component works on other platforms.

When a file is uploaded, it is being stored on Bubble’s storage (the same place as your application, on Amazon’s web services). Once that happens, a unique URL is generated, which you can use for accessing the file.

Once a file is uploaded, you can use that to trigger any related events you want to. (Ex. send an email to another user that a file was added; update a record to show that a file has been added, etc).

In the case that you want to parse out the data (ie. you have a list of events you want to upload), then that uses an additional action in your workflow called Upload Data as CSV.

CSV is a special, machine readable version of spreadsheets, that separates all of the values using comas. It can be generated by using the Save as CSV option in Excel.


Is there some event that can trigger a workflow when a file is uploaded? I can’t find anything on the file uploader control that seems like it would allow the user to run a workflow in response to a file being uploaded.

See the GIF below. “When FileUploader’s value is changed” is the type of workflow you want to use.