Push array in already existing array

Hello everyone
I am stuck with an issue that, I have existing array and I want to push my new array in that already existing array
My already existing array is [“123”,“456”]
My new array is [“789”]
I want result as [“123”,“456”,“789”]

Can anyone help me with this?
Thanks in advance

Plus Item: Operators & Comparisons - Bubble Docs…-plus-item

But note it doesn’t keep duplicates items.

Hi @Buddha , Thanks for the Reply, but still I am unable to achieve the result
As Plus item is not showing in the lists of option and moreover I want to push a new array in the existing array, so if you can elaborate your answer thn it would be very helpful for me
Thanks in advance !

So as you are using array (that means a list of items) you need to apply :merged with operator. It takes two lists and returns you a new list of unique items.


Hi @artemzheg , thanks for the reply, but I am unable to see any operator “merged with”
Can you please tell me more, how I can achieve this

How do you manage your arrays? Do you have 2 custom states or 2 RGs?

2 Custom states

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