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QR SCAN api, I need help with the scanning part

Hi there, new to here.

Trying to use the QR Scan api to scan a QR Code. I already built very easily the QR Generator. But totally stuck on the QR Scan, the idea is to scan by any singular possible way the QR Code. That’s all I want to learn.

Could anyone help me with this issue ?,

I already had a look to all the other posts on the forum and documentation and nothing was really clear.

I’d appreciate any help.



Any help ? with this guys ?

Have you tried setting up an API calls yet? If so, share a link to your app and we can try and help you resolve.

Hi andrew I just don’t know how to even start creating it. I made the API for the generator and its working fine, but I don’t understand how the QR scan mode works it confuses me the part on how to pull data inside the API and display it in a dynamic text :weary: Any help is highly appreciate it !

@third - Could you share a link to the API docs and to your app editor, then I’ll have a look for you.

Thanks for your help Andrew it seems to be like I found a solution to our trouble however I’m not sure about it if I need more help I’ll let you know thanks for your good intention :slight_smile:

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