Quantity in bubble?

How do i connect the quantity with my order?
I making an ordering app for a restaurant, where you can select a dish from the menu page send it to the ordering page and send the order to the kitchen.
I succeeded with sending the selected dish from the menu page to the ordering page, now i want to make it so that a customer can select several items and not just one.

Has somebody done this before?

Here is how ti looks for now:

Adding to order pop up:

Navigating with order pop up information:

Sending the data that was selected to the kitchen:

You have done very good so far and already have the quantity in the database.

So first things first.

  1. Create a custom stare on the group or text box that displays the quantity. Let’s name that quantity and set default 1
  2. Create a workflow for the add and remove buttons.
  3. When the button is pressed, you change the said state to the state +1 or -1 depending on which button was pressed
  4. When the customer places an order, and you create that order line, you simply get the value of the state and voila

Just a quick tip on your workflows.
I see you have a lot of workflows for each different dish or category. I would suggest that you use repeating groups and get the information from the database (such as dish info or description etc)

Screenshot 2023-03-11 at 13.11.44
is it like this you mean?

And how do i set a default a 1?
in the Data or?

You have to create a custom state for that element (the group or the text). What you are doing now is trying to get a quantity from an order line item that I assume does not exist yet. Instead this does not need to be saved as a thing and calculated purely on the frontend

If that doesn’t help I can elaborate a bit more

i figured out how to make a custom event with that video thanks?

Now i just don’t understand how do i make that increase and decrease with a button?

I fixed the incrementation thank you for your help!