Quest and level system

Thanks so much man, I’ll have a look at all this, seems to be what I’m looking for. I really appreciate it, this would have taken some time. Imma read over it all :slight_smile:

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The way I did it the XP resets after each level up so it would give you some kind of number you could feed a progress bar. We can tweak it more if you want the XP to always be adding up somehow…

And with this method there’s not really like a “Level 1, Beginner, Level 2, Novice” thing set up but that could be figured out if you need that

I’ve checked your app and this seems to be EXACTLY what I’m looking for, thanks! Is there anyway to require more xp the more a user levels up, or that not possible yet?

Thanks again!!! (Sorry for slow rely btw, my internet was down for a long time)

:thinking: you want it to like infinitely get harder to level up? so it’s not really at 100XP anymore… let me mess around with it a little bit

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Okay try this:

The scaling in which more XP is required is tweakable but see how I have it now. It’s a little sketchy cause I can’t use backend workflows on my free app so it’s all kind of happening on the front end in my example.

Normally I would use something like database triggers to trigger a level up on an XP increase. I did add the database trigger in the backend in red. That would replace the yellow custom event and the “Do every 2 seconds” workflow

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I experimented a little bit with adding “Level tiers” where it looks up a tier containing the user’s level for fun, not sure if you need that.

Here’s the editor link

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Bloody perfect!! You’re a God on earth, thankyou!!!

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this is probably a really dumb question because I cant do maths, but how can I display the amount of xp until the next level?

Simple math perhaps?

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I added text in the middle showing the XP needed.

I might change some stuff here because I have a few expressions that are referencing the user’s level but that can be deduced from the XP already

Don’t build stupid apps for people. “Quest and level system” my ass. Why bruh?

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Look. U can do that, but don’t do it for the dingdong that requested it. Do it for you.

@keith :joy: It’s okay I liked Googling the equation for a typical RPG scaling system, who would’ve guessed it was ((XP)/0.1)^2 = Level

@xtechaus He is a little right though I can’t keep maintaining this until you have your perfect app, maybe copy what I have and see if you can progress it more

I am cracking up reading this though

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Thankyou, that was the last thing I needed, I can’t thank you enough. I just ignore Kieth, he follows me around the forum spreading hate on everything I request, I have no clue why, but I hope that he can move onto bigger things in future :).

Thankyou again!

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