Creating a level system

Hi I recently tried to create a level system for my application . The idea was to create different options sets with 100 levels
ex : level 1 : xp max = 100
and each time the user reach his current max xp , the user level uprades ex : level 2 : xp max 200 until reaching the 100th level . I did not want to do 100 workflows so I tried to make an API Workflow on list but it doesnt work . If you have a better solution please suggest ! Thanks for your help

I made this a long time ago, maybe this is what you are looking for: Bubble | No-code apps Editor: tylerboodman-test-app | Bubble Editor

It’s based off of some formula where a higher level requires a certain amount more XP than the last level.

Looking this over, i think it needs to be cleaned up. I don’t like the “Do every 2 seconds” event being there

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Okay I tweaked it a little bit, but I removed the fun “Level up” popup for now. Really the Level field isn’t needed cause you could sort users by their exact XP number and calculate it on screen but :man_shrugging:

Thanks a lot but I have some questions how did you make changes to the current user level tier or class ? Cause I cannot figure out how you did it , and last triggering a pop up for the level up how make it happen ?

I’m actually not setting the User’s tier/class, just that group searches for the tier with the user’s level. I suppose you could set the User’s tier at the same time as the XP and Level but even the Level is redundant, I kind of like the idea of just storing XP and thats it :rofl: I think the scaling needs to be more modular, right now I have a lot of hardcoded numbers.

The popup let me check the app again how that can be done.

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Okay check it now, it checks if the new level is higher than the previous and animates it for a second :blush:

Maybe all those numbers like 0.5, 0.1, etc could be put in option set attributes, then everything references that

Okay I got rid of the Level field so everything relies on XP field

So everything worked out but the progress bar no , I wonder why ?

I would turn on parenthesis, I don’t trust Bubble’s order of operations without seeing it for myself :joy: Notice on mine there’s parenthesis App Settings → Versions tab → Beta Features at the bottom

OMG ! It worked thank you

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