Question about date ranges

Hello guys.

I am building a booking system which is based on booking requests. So the bookings only go forward if the listing creator accepts it. So my question is:

Let’s suppose a certain user makes various booking requests to different listings with the same booking date range or ranges that might dates which are equal (1-20 May; 5-20 May). I want to avoid having multiple accepted bookings for the same user. This because A user is not going to use 2 places at same time in this case. So how can I delete or change booking requests confirmation to No, once the first request is accepted. (Only if there are dates that are the same within requests).

This sounds a bit complex, but I would think when the listing creator accepts the booking, the “date” of the booking should be captured as data and referenced to the booker. From there, within workflows, using variations of “Do when condition is true”, “custom events”, and “Trigger when data is changed”, if the “booked” date is within the the booking request date range of the creator, it triggers a canceled message to that creator. Sorry this wall of text probably doesn’t help too much.

What you saying actually does make sense since most of it I have already accomplished in terms of dates and ranges being data fields and so, my problem is when it comes to deleting or cancelling other requests where date ranges go against each other per say

I don’t know if it has anything to do with ‘‘intersect with’’ or somehting like that