[Question]How to prevent user fast clicking to generate multiple entries in database

How to prevent user fast clicking to generate multiple entries in database?

Currently user able to spam button click to generate multiple record in database, anyone wanna share their methods here? :slight_smile:

In my apps, there isn’t a scenario where I allow them to make spam updates to the DB. When they have an input filled out, and click “submit,” I clear the input and disable the submit button until the input has something in it again. There are UX tactics used by all apps (not just Bubble apps) to help control this.

What’s your specific use case?


@sinyongng Assuming its a button that you press for adding of items in the database to occur!. Open the button format, pop op by double clicking on it. Proceed to Conditional , Click define another condition. Choose When button is pressed, on condition Choose This element isn’t clickable Remember to reset form group data after saving to database too!

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both solution looks promising. thanks!

I had the same problem…

Faye showed me a way around this here

Same issue here with duplicate entry. The uniqueness is dependent on 2 fields: Event name and users RSVPed. I dont want user to RSVP the same event again. Any help is greatly appreciated…
I am looking to have 2 button. On page load: Hide one says RSVP and show Registered, if the user has RSVPed already for that event.

*****Sorry found the solution here (from evanlitttle):

Create a new contact

Only when

Do a search for contact

Add new constraint

Name = input contact name’s value (wherever you have this new contact name)

Add new constraint

Company name = input company name’s value (wherever the new company name is being added)

Now this search must be

:First item is empty . Thus this contact doesn’t already exist so The programs goes ahead to create the contact because it’s not a duplicate