QUESTION Moving from Monthly to Single Payment Plugin

Hi, @levon

I’m paying $8 a month for the Google Sheets (Service) plugin.

I started it before the pay once option of $35 was available.

I’m taking a break (for other work reasons) from working on my app and want to minimise costs during that period.

How do I move from the monthly to the pay once option? I understanding I’d need to pay the $35 in full.

Is it straightforward? Would I have to cancel the plug-in subscription and buy again?

If that’s the case would it just be a matter of re-entering ID keys etc. in the setup? Or would all references to the plugin be nulled and broken in my app (because the plug-in is removed / cancelled), meaning I’d have to set up all the actions and workflows from scratch?

If there was a way to just change the billing. rather than the app setup that would be great.

Please let me know.

Thanks, in advance.

Best, Richard.

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Hey Richard,
you simply need to unsubscribe from the monthly and buy with the one time option, everything should just work after that.

@levon @emmanuel

Ok, so I unsubscribed and so far it looks like my fear is confirmed the workflow action is showing as missing. The plugin has actually been removed from my app which is probably what did it. I didn’t remove it I just unsubscribed. I remember that subscribing and unsubscribing was intended to be operated on a pro-rata basis, so it makes no sense that the plugin is actually removed? See before and after screenshots below.

What do I do know. How do I roll back?

Thanks, Richard.

To roll back, subscribe again to the plugin. All info stay in your app, unless you delete ‘missing…’ thing.

Thanks John. Is this the case even if I’ve to re-install the plugin (as it was deleted when I unsubscribed) before subscribing or paying one-off? Many thanks, Richard.

When you unsubscribe it appears as missing, then when you buy the same plugin with one off (which what you wanted to do) everything will be fine again

Ok, great doing it now :slight_smile:

Awesome. Thanks guys. All back as you said it would be. And breath… :slight_smile:

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Another related question. I’m planning to downgrade to hobby for 3 months. I don’t have my app on a custom domain but do have lots of API calls. If I downgrade will they still be intact. I appreciate they won’t work, and I won’t have access to any paid plugins (like Google Sheets) but when I upgrade again will everything be intact?

Many thanks, Richard.

I think everything will be intact but I would rather have Bubble to confirm that.

Great, thanks levon.