Question on UX Design

Does a UX Designer also rewrite existing functionality for better User experience?

Not good to let a ux designer without any bubble experience edit your app.
Its not hard to learn & its very rewarding once you start to understand best practices.

I left some resources on this post you could check out.
alternatively you could just hire someone to give you feedback and make the recommended changes yourself.


I’ve been a UX designer for 20 years, designing enterprise-level platforms for the last 10. In my personal experience the best use of a UX designer is to understand the users and then DESIGN features and functionality that will best serve the needs of the users and the business. Lately the role of “UX Developer” has been popping up, companies trying to fill 2 full time roles with one person. Unfortunately, that person doesn’t exist. That said, I’m here to build my own ideas and I’m not a developer, so perhaps bubble is on it’s way to bridging those roles, at least to a point. I’ve proposed using bubble as a prototyping tool in my current job. There are definite opportunities.

Nowadays, without a great UX approach, your site, app or solution is likely to lose users and to frustrate those who are trying to navigate and find what they need to complete tasks, get information etc. In a tech world where there is a lot of competition, one cannot afford to ignore the importance of this design aspect. UX design involves a lot of research and analysis. It is rather a technical side of the process aimed at optimizing customer experience with a site or an app. The team of Otakoyi integrates seamlessly with internal resources and has become a valuable partner in determining best practices . Their user experience design skills have helped define meaningful users journeys.