Queue database fifo style

Can anyone please point me in the right direction! Really struggling here with the workflow of creating a simple queue app.
Basically when the start queue button is clicked I want the user to be assigned a number.
I thought if I created a new field in data types called queue order it would help. I also drew a box with repeating group.
I’m lost. In the wild. Wildnerness.

How did you get on with this issue I am looking at a similar problem.

Can you explain from point a to point b what you’re doing?

I see you’re trying to assign a queue number, but how do you want this to work and how do you want it to act when their is no “queue”?

A simple way to register a value on a user, is to either assign the value to the user directly, or create thing (in your case would be a queue), and link that queue to the user table. Then you can call: Current user’s queue