Quick Bubble CHALLENGE + prize

I need to learn by seeing a working example… therefore, I am initiating a challenge which shouldn’t take very long at all for someone who knows what they are doing, so here it goes:

CHALLENGE: I will gladly send $20 paypal for the first person to complete the challenge. I need a simple form as shown


which utilizes an api to populate a repeating group once the search button is clicked. The api will have to have two pieces of info put into the url: one from the search symbol input box and the other from the radio button choice… the url parameter will have to be of the form symbol-radio button choice … ie BTC-USD, or ETH-BTC, etc… The api which is used is the following:

https://api.cryptonator.com/api/full/[pair] … with [pair] being the example above.
An example of the returned data can be seen here:

This will return a list of markets for that pair and will include the following data:



The repeating group will hold all of this info, representing the multiple markets for that currency pair.

I believe this can be done without utilizing the bubble database (I could be wrong on that); but I also would like this data stored in the bubble database so I can understand how to structure this kind of data. I am going to be utilizing a lot of outside apis and I need to grasp how this is done better.

Are you up for the challenge? If so, you can begin… The first person to get me a finished example of this, I will immediately send $20 by paypal to them. I know this isn’t much but this is all I can afford at the moment. Good luck!

Done, have fun! No database used

Preview: https://bh-publicshowcase.bubbleapps.io/version-test/bubble-challenge?debug_mode=true

Editor: https://bubble.io/page?type=page&name=bubble-challenge&id=bh-publicshowcase&tab=tabs-1

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Sir, you are a genius! Tell me email to send money… Also , I can you make me collaborator on the project so I can make copy?

The editor url would not load

No need for the money. What’s your email I will add you

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[email protected]

Alright. Give me a minute I will confirm back. In the meantime appreciate if you can mark this resolved

How do you mark resolved?

just made the app public, no need to add you as a collaborator try again

Ok, I can see now, but since I am not collaborator, I cannot copy… So it will take me a while to get all information out… So please leave me access to this… Are you sure you don’t want money? Also, how do you set thread as resolved?

added you to the app. There should be a checkmark on my post. if not then maybe this is in the wrong category

For some reason the copy button on the project is greyed out so I cannot copy?

I will enable that temporarily.

got it… THANK YOU!

Can you show me how to save the data like that from the api into the bubble database? I am going to need to do that a lot…

On the data source from the repeating group, bubble-challenge’s cryptonator’s ticker markets; however, in mine I only show parent’s group thing… don’t know how to get your equivalent?

@AliFarahat Somehow everything disappeared! Can you give me back permissions… I lost everything you did!

My page which is index, does not show up in the list like your bubble-challenge page does?

Did you manage to get it. Sorry I could not reply it was already 1 am here

YES I did! I cannot thank you enough… Can you show me how to save the data like that from the api into the bubble database? I am going to need to do that a lot…

If you can just take the data from an api like the following:

which has

“Response”: “Success”,
“Message”: “Coin list succesfully returned!”,
“BaseImageUrl”: “https://www.cryptocompare.com”,
“BaseLinkUrl”: “https://www.cryptocompare.com”,
“Data”: {
“LTC”: {
“Id”: “3808”,
“Url”: “/coins/ltc/overview”,
“ImageUrl”: “/media/19782/ltc.png”,
“Name”: “LTC”,
“CoinName”: “Litecoin”,
“FullName”: “Litecoin (LTC)”,
“Algorithm”: “Scrypt”,
“ProofType”: “PoW”,
“SortOrder”: “2”

“Type”: 100


I just need to see how you get api data like this into the bubble database and how it is structured… If you could show me how this is done, you have a friend for life!