Quick User Switching

I tend to build a lot of apps with use cases that affect multiple users, often of different types. An example: In a community AMA a member post a question, the Q is sent to the moderator, who then sends it to the invited guest to answer. So, I need to log in as three different users to test my use case.

So, inspired by @emmalyndesign plugin ([RELEASE] BubbleTools Chromium Extension!) I built this tiny RE that allows me to quickly switch between users. It works by having a few extra fields on the User data type:

  • DEV Role: The role the user has.
  • DEV Password: The user’s password. Yes, in plain text. This is why this function is only used in development mode.
  • DEV Start Page: An optional setting if the user should start off from another page than index.

Since I always have a RE for a page header I put this in there, so it’s reachable on every page.

Run the page index to see it in action.

Best, Peter



Please set privacy rules for this case:

Currently, your sensitive data (passwords) is visible to everyone.

I think that’s why he emphasized Dev mode only :wink:

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Ah. Sorry. I’ve missed this one. :blush:

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Pardon me being quite thick but what is an RE?

You are not think! This is me being wanting to abbreviate everything I write more than once.

RE = Reusable Element