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Quotation marks stopping API call

That didn’t show properly, trying again. I just tried replacing\\with \in ‘find and replace’ and that seemed to work.

Maybe I’m missing something but you just have to put the :format as JSON-safe in the very last step.
CleanShot 2023-09-18 at 17.37.14@2x

Any API calls which have user facing parameters should be formatted in the API connector without quotation marks. For example:

    "parameterhere": <dynamicdata>

Formatting as JSON safe should be the last step (i.e only format as JSON safe on the actual API call action, nothing else) so that it’s always guaranteed to be JSON-safe.

If you’re using :format as text to pass an array of objects that each contain parameters, it’s a little different. Format as text stupidly formats it with \n for linebreaks (well maybe it’s not stupid but there should be a checkbox option for this behaviour…) so make sure there’s no linebreaks (it’s easier to notice these using the Rich text editor). You need to format each parameter as JSON-safe like here for example:

The “role” parameter I haven’t formatted as JSON-safe because the Message Type’s id is an option set and I know the value won’t break the JSON. But the behaviour would be the same if it was `“role”: This Message’s Message Type’s id:formatted as JSON-safe.


  1. For user facing inputs, make sure the API call parameter isn’t surrounded by quotes, and format as JSON-safe as the last step
  2. For :format as text remove all newlines and format as JSON-safe inside the :format as text flyout.
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