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Readable URL for page

In my app - I have a simple page that non logged in users can access to input a shooting workout they’ve done (this is a basketball app).

The page URL is …/team/team-nameXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. from the readable URL parameter.

Is there a way to take the unique ID off the end? I just want a simple URL that players can easily access without having to remember a string of numbers at the end?

For example - would love it if the URL was just team/team-name/ and left it at that.

Is that possible?


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Sure is… check out this thread

Awesome! What did parameters did you use in the find & replace? The one issue I am running into is if a value is two words (ie Perry Meridian), it has a %20 between the words. Would that be what I’m finding and replacing?


The best way I found is to search for " " space, and replace with “_” underscore. Since you can’t have spaces in a url.

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