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Real Estate Investing App

Looking for a developer that can help build an app, web based and for mobile (hopefully some type of hybrid app). The app is to assist Real Estate Investors on homes they would like to purchase

Basically an investor would be able to enter details about a home (purchase price, loan details, rehab costs, etc) and then the app will do the necessary calculations to show the Investor their profit margins. The app will need to save the details of multiple homes, add pictures, produce a PDF document and have a default profile home the investor can use.

There is potential for this to grow into a larger app so looking for someone that is willing and able to stick around for the long haul if this does work out.

I currently have a basic layout built on bubble of how I would like the app to function, but it needs more details along with the backend built.

I enjoy bubble and its great to use, but I don’t really have the time right now to sit down and build this myself.



Hi Robert,

I am an experienced developer and would be able to help you out…
You can reach me on [email protected]

Best Wishes

Hello Robert,

PM is sent with more details.

My best Wishes to you and your family for new year!

Best Regards,

Hi @rmrosek

Would be happy to assist you.
Just pm’d you. Please, check your inbox.


Parghev Kocharyan
[email protected] - #1 No-code Developer & Bubble Certified Partner - Get in Touch! - Buy Great Bubble Templates - Bubble Apps collection

wow, that would be great to use such an app to feel like an owner of real estate :slight_smile:

Hi Robert,

Our team has experience in building Real Estate apps (to assure yourself of our expertise, please check this article.
We would be glad to help you put your plan into action. Feel free to contact me via [email protected].

Best Regards,

Not sure if he needs any services three years later…


Some projects can last a really long time and a project owner might need some additional technical help

Good catch, the domain is online and still has lorem ipsum text on it. Do you mind reaching out to old topics by messaging the person related.

Anyways, good luck to you.