Receiving file data in JSON format at endpoint and uploading file to bubble (WILL PAY)

I’m trying to use a service that receives an email with an attachment and parses and sends the information to an endpoint I’ve setup.

I’m receiving the data with no problem but I’ve not been able to figure how to handle the base64 file data and upload it to a file field in a Bubble table. Can anybody help here?

Here’s the information for where the emails are sent and where the information goes.


Below is the data types received. I “think” the Content is the base64 file data.

Here’s how it looks in RAW data:

I’ve done everything I can think of for the last six hours to no avail. Any experts out there willing to help?


So here’s the solution. Get this pluginBubble%20S3
from PlugBubble and add it to the API workflow created for this action, and VIOLA!!

Thanks @jarrad