Recurring Workflow not running but rescheduling?

Hey, I’m running into an issue with my project where daily scheduled events are not running but still showing as having executed and being scheduled for the next daily time (as inteded).

For example: event 1 scheduled for 4/19/2022 @ 2:00pm

When 2:00pm hits, the event does not execute as its supposed to but the event is then rescheduled for 4/20/2022 @ 2:00pm

My project is on a Professional Plan. Not quite sure if there is a specific restriction for recurring events or what.

It did work a few days ago, and once it stopped working I assumed it was due to my plan so I upgraded to Professional from Personal, still not working.

Hey Alan, are you sure it is not running? Most times (if not all) i thought a workflow was not running, it was a search which timed out or conditions preventing actions from being executed.

Maybe obvious but the logs usually provide enough insight in what happened. And if the logs do not provide you with the info you need, you can also create a custom logging functionality pretty fast, (datatype log, with a couple of text fields (f.i. workflow id, workflow name, action and log). Add a couple of extra steps to the workflow which causes problems where you log the search criteria, results of certain steps etc.

When you are working with large amounts of data it might be good to use a recursive workflow.

The scheduled workflow was to send an ad to a discord server I run.

I have a review platform for a game and some of the users are subscribed and there will be an ad run daily to our discord server.

I recently set up RTE for the text area that was previously used for the ad copy. I neglected to think about the RTE text being stored as html, and turns out Discord doesn’t like HTML for their messages sent via api (duh).

I resolved the issue last night.

Thank you for the reply and insight. I’ll keep all of this in mind moving forward with other types of events.

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I am having this same issue, did you ever resolve this?