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Recursive Send EMail API Workflow not working live version

Hey guys,

The following recursive API worklfow to send emails to a list of users is not working and I don´t get why. The strange thing: It works in the dev version but not in the live version!

On page workflow looks like this:

The API Worklfow is designed like this:

Send EMail Workflow as part of the API Workflow looks like this:

The “recursive” API Workflow in the API Workflow looks like this:

I do not think it is a problem with sendgrid as all other send email workflows work perfectly. I am also on a 40k monthly email contingent plan not nearly close to reaching my limits.

Daring a glimpse into the logs, it looks like it is triggered:

However it is not scheduled.

Does anyone have a solution for that - maybe I missed sth. obvious like a non ticked field or something.

Thanks folks!

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Have you dug into the logs more? Specifically:

  1. I’d be interested to see what showed up if you turned on Advanced → HTTP response.

  2. You should be able to see every step of your workflow(s), not just it being triggered.

Yeah its strange. So this shows up on live version: (where its not working)

And this is how it looks in the dev version: (where its working)

I believe I am having the same issue. Where my api workflow to send an email to a list of Users is working fine in test/dev mode but not working in live version. Did you figure out what the issue was?

In my case I think the reason was that I paused all tasks in Dev Mode and then deployed to live.

The “paused task” state was then in live mode which stopped the recursive Send EMail API Workflow from working.

So maybe have a look at that:

Wow that was it. Super weird cause I don’t think I ever paused the tasks in the first place and now all the workflows just tried to go at once (had to cancel so Users didn’t get a ton of emails lol). But that fixed it. Thank you!