Recursive Workflow maxing out my apps Capacity from external API

I need help slowing down the Recursive workflow I built for extracting data from an external API into my database. When I Schedule it to run it immediately max’s out my Apps capacity. The External API has roughly 700 items on it. I’m not sure if it’s because of how I set up my Iteration steps.

The iteration Count is based on the Get External API Item’s Count number which is Roughly 700 I’m not sure if this is the correct way to do this as this might be the culprit of my issue.

Any help with be greatly appreciated I would love to get this resolved today.

I based my recursive workflow on this guide How to skip the UI and save API results to the database

schedule workflow iteration

You should use a recursive loop instead of a schedule on a list.
Starting from this topic

And you can find a lot of example of loop in the forum

I’ve struggled to figure out do that with a external api that gives all the data as a list do you know of any guides?

When you get data using API Connector, Bubble will create a type of thing of this data. You can create a DB with a field of this type (list) and store the value in this field. Another field will have the Current processed item # (number field).
You set the WF to run the created item. First actions will be related to the current item in the list (create or update) using item # and you will use the current processed field. You will have another action to update the item processed item# field +1 and Schedule API WF (the same wf) only if processed item is <= to result of previous step processed item # field

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