Reddit Oauth - Bubble Error

Hi @romanmg

Having a little issue with the reddit oauth login plugin. Hoping you might be able to help. On successful authentication and then redirect

I get this error


The logs look promising but don’t seem to spell out the issue

The same issue occurs when I use incognito.

Here is the workflow

Any Ideas?

can you share your API connector setting?

@Jici - I am using this plugin.

The reason this is not working is that Reddit does not supply the email address of the user. So I believe it is bombing on this part of the Oauth flow.

So unless I hear otherwise, I am going to remove Reddit as a social login option and use an API connector to access the Reddit API to post to subreddit (my own), which was the original intent for Reddit but thought, hey, let them log in with Reddit too. Oh well.

Happy Bubbling

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This is what I understand too :wink:
You cna manually handle everystep if you want to keep it


So going further, to do the /app/submit path, you must complete the OAuth workflow. Tried with API connector to use the grant_types of password and client-credentials even with * scopes, this endpoint is not allowed. Though it does work for other “none logged in” paths, which are mostly reading. So if you want to scrape Reddit, you can go to the heart’s content.

What is needed for API connector is a full OAuth workflow “like” social login that will pop the Apps OAuth permissions screen and save the token / refresh the token - but “not” sign up the user. In other words, the identity path would be changed to save the token to the database if that makes sense.

I will abandon Reddit for now, there is a free API by that has basic Reddit posting (missing link & image), but I can send in raw markdown, so that will work for now.


This would be the bee’s knees!

What I mean by handling each step manually is not using the Authentication part in the API Connector. You set it to self handled and each step of the authentication process need to be handled manually.

When you use the API Connector oAuth, it will automatically keep care of all the step. But to be able to do that, the “profile” endpoint need to have an email and an id. This doesn’t seem to be the case with Reddit.

In the spirit of giving back, the free API I mentioned will post to multiple social networks and has a scheduling feature. I reached out to the co-founder and asked him if he saw the Reddit link post on the roadmap and showed him my use case. This afternoon, he emailed me back, and boom, Reddit links in the post API call.

Check this groups out


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