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Reduce the number of worflows with IF DO ELSE

I was thinking that I’ve a lot of triggered workflows like this :

Workflow 1 : Trigger Workflow2, then Trigger Workflow 3
Workflow 2 : WHEN ConditionA is True, DO…
Workflow 3 : WHEN ConditionA is Wrong, DO…

Have you thought to create a new type of workflow based on the common structure :
IF ConditionA is True, THEN DO this, ELSE Do that.

I would have to write ConditionA only once and I would have only one workflow instead of three.

Here my idea.


This would be very helpful. Is there a way to do this? Any news?

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I would also like this - for example

If a user Role is Admin then goto page Admin Else goto page User (based upon a Role field added to User)

I would ideally like the full If … Then … ElseIf … Else structure - plus the ability to nest them. In terms of the design UI this could be represented by branches in the workflow (like a flowchart).


Cool idea actually. Would cut down the number of workflows for sure if this option was available.