Reformat a page and all his elements in a proportionate way

Hello Bubblers !

I was wondering if it was possible to reformat a whole page and all its elements in a proportional way ?

Eg my page is 2100 px width but I want it to be 1200 px and there are elements over 1200 px in my initial page, is there a way to make the elements reduce in size when I reduce my page format.

I have a VERY long page which needs reformating and I think it would take a considerable amount of time to reformat everything by hand.

Thanks !

Hi @biminmotion - yes there’s a way. Here are some links to videos on responsive design. They should help get you on your way. Certainly give a shout-out if you have any questions.

Look at “Understanding responsive settings” at the link below:

@romanmg has a # of videos on Responsive design here:

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Thank you but I made all my elements fixed width and there is over 500 so I was looking for an easier way, but thanks seems that I need to do it the hard way !

Based on my experience and comments I’ve seen from others, creating a responsive app is definitely a bit of work and can be tricky, especially if you’re going from say an iPhone5 up to laptop/desktop. Best wishes!

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