Reformat text output -- change font size of certain lines

Hi all. I’m displaying a text output of a parent group and would like to increase the font size of certain lines. For instance, in the image below, I would like to increase the font size of “John Doe,” “Birth,” “Education,” and “Career.” Is this possible?

With the exception of the name, are the other texts you want to increase static or dynamic? Are they part of a single text element or are they separate?

Hello @lihas1002 ,

I am assuming that data is static. If all the text is in one text element you can change the specific text. By the follow way:
Open text element properties and click on rich text editor and select the specific text who size need to be changed.
For your reference please see the below screenshot with the output.

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The text is all dynamic and is part of the same block. I may create different text boxes instead of one giant box for the input as well, which would make it easier to format.

Hi. The data is all dynamic and part of the same text box.

You can even use everything in the same block if the “Birth”, “Education” and “Career” texts are just titles that identify the sections, that is, static and only the content below them is dynamic, including the name at the beginning.

In that case, you can use the approach suggested by @karamwise and in the dynamic regions, enter your expressions that return the expected data.

Hello @lihas1002 ,

If data is dynamic I would like to suggest taking different text elements that will be easy to manage instead of one giant text element.

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