Refreshing CSS code in HTML Header

So, I am working on a project and running into an issue with CSS code. The code is working perfectly but the main issue is that it is also using bubble dynamic fields but once those fields change the CSS doesn’t update. I did some research and it found that something is caching the initial CSS file and one of the fixes is to apply a jQuery function to append a new version at every button click but it doesn’t seem to be working with anything I’ve tried.

I would post my editor but it’s linked to live customer data with confidential information so I can supply pictures of code and some workflows. we do have a discord server so I can stream my screen if that is an option to help since most of the data is hidden inside of our app data.

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 let newStyle = document.createElement(‘style’)
    newStyle.type = ‘text/css’
    newStyle.innerHTML = ‘ .className {}’

You could use the toolbox run JavaScript function and execute this code in a workflow that runs when the page is loaded

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