Release a spam filter for your support center

Release a spam filter for your support center as so many idiots are trying to spam here with all objectionable messages.

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It’s not a regular thing and I’m sure it will get wiped once the team wake up - it’s early in the US.

I’m not on the Bubble team, but I am a moderator and just tried to go through and clean up what was here. If additional topics or posts come up like the ones that were here, please mention me (@andrew_bpco) in a response and I’ll come obliterate it with ruthless fury.


Just killed a few more.

It does have a filter, so not sure what happened.

Similarly, if you mention me I am often around to deal with stuff in European time.

Thanks guys want to keep this place clean :-D… Can we get a spam flag in forum so one can mark such things.

It is there underneath the post, just expand with the …

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