Reload RG when modifying value from reusable element

Hi, I have a repeating group (Users type) with a reusable element inside it (dropdown with User “Role” Option Set).

When I modify the value of the dropdown (reusable element), it changes the user’s Role (current cell User Role).

The workflow works perfectly. The problem is that the user that I modified disappears and I need to reload the page so that it is reflected in the Repeating group.

  1. Repeating group before modifying dropdown value

  2. Repeating group after modifying dropdown value (current cell user role)

  3. Repeating group after reloading the page

How can avoid reload the page?

Thank you!

Just a couple things I can think of quickly are … 1. Try using Auto-Binding in that dropdown. 2. Try adding display data to the repeating group you’re working with.