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I’ making an app for our growers, sometimes they have to check something on there phone and go back to my (web)app and have to login again.
Is there an option to keep them logged in on their phone when switching between apps?

thanks a lot


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Are they clicking on a bookmark that takes them to a login screen each time? That would be annoying, yeah. It’s hard to help unless we have more info.

Are they clicking on an icon on their phones home screen? Is that icon saved to link to the login page?

Hope this is helpful. :grinning:

Hi J805,

The link to the login site is on the homescreen (iPhone) indeed.
Is there an other way? I need them to be registered and logged in.

Thanks for helping me!


Yes, make sure they bookmark the page (i.e. Home) you want them to go to if it is multiple pages. Or if its a single page app you can have something where, if the user is logged in then go to this or that.

Does that make sense?

Thanks a lot J805!

That helps a lot… Feel so stupid…:innocent:

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Welcome @marco1. We have all been there. :+1: