Remote Circle - Remote Jobs in your timezone ⏰

It has taken almost a year to get to this point but today I’m happy to share the release of Remote Circle :raised_hands:

We’re live on Product Hunt today too :point_right:

Remote Circle is a job board for remote jobs that lets you search for remote jobs by timezone. Companies add jobs and specify which timezones they are hiring in. Candidates add their current location and we only show them jobs that are hiring in their timezone. Users can also filter jobs by type, category, company and keyword. As well as this, candidates can follow their favourite companies to keep track of any new jobs they post and they can also save jobs to make the job tracking process a bit easier.

There’s also a lot of features for companies that have been added too, such as a company dashboard where they can add, edit and re-post jobs.

We’ve created a short 30 second video to demonstrate Remote Circle in action if you would be up for checking that out :point_right:

Would love to hear what you all think. If you’re able to leave any feedback on Product Hunt, that would also be great!!!

Also, couldn’t have got this launched without the forum so thanks to everyone who has given any help along the way. A special shout out to @fayewatson , @romanmg , @NigelG and @help for the time you’ve taken to help me out! Thanks guys. I really appreciate it :pray:




Amazing work, @josh7!!! :clap::clap::clap: Huge congratulations on the launch, and all of your hard work on this!! Such a great concept and design! (Just upvoted it on PH, too!) :relaxed::tada::sparkles:

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Thanks Faye! That’s very kind. Thanks again for everything

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Upvoted ! Nicely designed and implemented :+1: congrats for the launch :rocket: !

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Looks great, upvoted!

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Thanks guys :pray: Appreciate the kind words (and upvotes) :slight_smile:

Nice work, upvoted

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Excellent work, @josh7! It’s so great to see this live! You’ve put in a ton of hard work. Good job getting this out into the world, and best of luck with everything to come! :raised_hands::raised_hands::raised_hands:

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Nice clean design and functionality - upvoted

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You’ve collected a pretty impressive number of job posts!

Although the list is pre-filtered on my timezone, personally I would still love to see the country/city where the company is based or incorporated (or possibly if the company is fully or just partially remote).

Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback Lucien. Still looking at ways of making improvements so I’ll definitely take note of your suggestion and see if that can be added. Thanks!

Thank you Luke :slight_smile:

Thanks Gaby, couldn’t have done it without you guys help :pray:

Thanks Marcus

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Upvoted :smile:

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Thanks Gregory :slight_smile:

Nicely build! (upvoted)

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Nice looking site, upvoted. Good luck with the launch.

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Thanks Jagdish!

Thanks Eddy!

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