Remove a user from a list when a condition is true


I have a list of user and i want it to be when a field called “active” is set to no, it removes the user from the list.
Now, its not just when user’s active is no remove current user from list. It needs to be on another page since i ask the user if i want to automatically remove un-active users from the list, so when i say no then the website doesnt need to do it.

Sorry it was hard to explain!

Please help me out!

Is this possible?

You mean when an user is not active redirect the user to another page. So that the user can not use the application’s main page or any pages.

If it is the case, create a Workflow to run “On Page Load” Navigate to page, your desired page location where you want to take your users who are not active.

And add “only when” condition is true like when current users active field is “no”.

You can always create workflows with conditions whether on page load or an event occurs (an element is clicked). Like If a user is logged out you can do the same for logged out users.

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