Remove borders on text

Hi guys. New to Bubble

Was wondering how I get rid of borders around text? When I create a text element there’s a border around the text, even though borders isn’t ticked (See pic). Please advise.

Are you sure that property editor window is for the ‘Content Area’ text in your picture? There are a number of things making me think it’s for a different text element.

Isn’t that the element outline?

I thought the same. You can see by the picture that what is selected is the background element and not the text…

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Hi - turns out it was the element outline. When I preview it displays the text without the line.

Confusion came from a tutorial that I’m watching in which the text doesn’t have the outlines, even on an editor. Would be nice to know how to remove it on editor though.



No worries. We all started out where you are now. These little errors will seem like a distant memory in 3 months

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