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Remove formatting from text

Someone asked this question some years ago, but no replies on it before it was closed.

So, I’m posting the question again and replacing with some words that are specific to the problem I’m trying to solve now.

Hello there,

when copying data from another program, like Microsoft Word or a webpage for example, the data pasted in Multiline input not only copies text formatting but the inline styling codes as well.

This is important to me because the text input will be sent as part a JSON request for an API call.

I know Ctrl+Shift+V would solve this issue, but I need a solution where this is automatic and users don’t have to do anything special except for Ctrl + V.

So, is there a solution where copied text can be pasted as plain text with Ctrl + V in the Multiline input?

Or is there an available option already that I’m missing?

Thank you in advance!

Maybe Mishavs solution in this post Is there a way to remove rich text formatting? - #5 by mishav works for you.