Remove Page Name From URL

Does anyone know if it’s possible to remove the page name from a URL to make it shorter?

I want to change the user’s profile page URL from ‘’ to ‘’.

I have tried using the index (homepage) as the profile page along with adding the username to the URL but then it adds the word ‘index’ to the URL. I have also tried this on other pages and it adds the page name to the URL.

Is there a way to remove the page name in the URL and replace it with only the username? Or could I hide the page name on a redirect or something?

I want the profile page to work like twitter does as ‘’. Any ideas on how this could work?

P.s - This is the method I tried on the index page as well but it gives me a 404 page when adding the username to the end of the URL. This method works on a regular page but it adds the page name to the URL as ‘


Did you got any solution for it ? I have the same issue. My app will work as:<store_name> but I´m ony able to put it to work as<page_name>/<store_name>.

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Did either of you manage to resolve this?

I’d like to do the same if it’s possible.

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My solution was to create a .htaccess file on the external hosting and redirect the pages as this:

It´s not beautiful, but works for now.

Thanks Vitor.

Hey Vitor,

Where do you host your .htaccess file or what service do you use?


It´s hosted at Hostgator, a service provider that I ´m using for a long time.

My domain is registered there and my .htaccess file too.

As soon as I complete my app I will use too domains in order to have my strategy working… will continue at Hostagor and will be at Bubble. So, when users access they will be redirected to

Until now that was the only way to solve my issue.


Thanks for the quick reply. I will look more in detail.


Anyone got any solution?

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Any body found a solution to this?