Remove Reference to Deleted Reusable Element

I deleted a reusable element (the default signup/login pop-up) from my app, but now that it has been deleted, I cannot remove the reference to it from my app (see screencap). I know I should have deleted it from all pages before deleting the element. I since tried to remove the item from each page, but this text will not go away.

How do I remove this reference?

Screen Shot 2019-12-17 at 1.54.57 PM

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I’m having the same issue. Have you tried publishing and seeing if it is still there?

Solved w/ an earlier post from another user. "Deleted Reusable Element" text shows on preview but not on dashboard

Look for any hidden elements in your elements tree that have been deleted previously. If you hover over each you should see the preview of that element and thus see the “Deleted resusable element” on hover. It’s tedious, but you’ll find it.

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