Remove spaces from text(solved)

That might be obvious but I’m not sure how to do this. I am creating a Workflow that creates a record in database based on an instagram id such as “kylieminogue”.

I want the workflow to first search if that text record already exists and to display a duplicate error if it does and not allow the record to be created.

I’ve noticed if someone inputs "kyliminogue " then bubble sees this as different text string to “kyliminogue”. Is there a way to say:

if instagramID value’s without spaces exists then do not create that record.

  1. If you just want the space at the end of a word to be removed, use the :trimmed function.

  2. If you want to remove every space in a string, use the :find & replace function. To do this, the thing you are finding is 1 space so just tap your space bar once. You’re replacing it with nothing so you leave that part blank.

Hope that helps!


That worked! thanks.

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