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Removing Scrollbar from Horizontal & Vertical Repeating Group


I’m new to Bubble and whenever I preview my app there’s an ugly scroll bar that appears when it’s not needed (look at the image)…

Does anyone know how to fix this? FYI I’m on a Windows and using Google Chrome.

You can use ext. vertical scrolling (available in the RG edit menu), or paginate the views by listing results in the RG in batches and using ext. vert scrolling or full list.

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Hi @deadpoetnsp thanks for the reply! I did use it but it’s not full with and only taking the amount of space needed.

If you want the HEIGHT of the rg to be fixed, you’ll need to use fixed cells as the scrolling option.

If you keep the no of cells as 10 and your rg has 2 entries, the rg will show 8 entries as blank but still occupy the same height. Is this what you were looking for?

Dead simple Bubble tips

Thank you!

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