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Reorder List (csv) with Drag & Drop > Export CSV (Possible?)

Hey guys! I have completed all the tutorials and begun working on a (seemingly) simple application. I want to know if my application is possible before I dive all the way in.

At work, we have hundreds of survey questions (in groups) that need to be reordered. I currently have them all in excel, and can export to a CSV.

I would like to have a drop down of all the groups of questions, and it should open a list of those questions that can be dragged and dropped into a new order and then saved (I think that I could do this with a user-edited numbering system, but I’d like it to be automatic with the drag-drop. If the numbers all automatically update - ie, when I change question 5 into question 1, the previous question 1 becomes 2, etc. - then I can sacrifice the drag and drop)

After multiple users have reordered the questions (over a period of maybe a few weeks), I need to be able to download them in CSV (or .xls) in their new order.

So…how can it be done with Bubble?

Implementing the drag n drop can be tricky, but automatic reordering of questions based on user inputs or clicks should be possible.
downloading csv is also possible (not xls) but beware that you can’t change the format of the file, it simply downloads all fields from the table in a default order.


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Using the draggable UI plugin, you could probably work on the ranking, using a current cell’s index, but I haven’t done it myself to be honest.

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