MY app: Smartplan 0.3. + DRAGANDDROP KILL ME

Hi Guys,

Thanks for your stuff. Its awesome. I just started 2weeks ago (i couldn’t make even a button or database entry) and now I made a really simple app, what my company started to use. ( we are a logistics company) so thank you, its a wonderful feeling!

My request: its a working prototype. I can put jobs (from - where - palet - weight and export)
Than these jobs appear in the right side, and you can enter the plate no of the truck, and the jobs will appear below the car.

If I want to put the job to another car, I should delete it - back to the jobs - and type again the new plate no…

Well, now I want to make this with drag and drop u.i. Forinstance: A truck B truck. I wanna drag Job1 from Atruck to B truck.

For that I have to understand the basic of the drag and drop plugin, but for Gods love, I just cant get it,it makes me soooooo frustrated!

So, can you give me a small example, how can I do the next:

Drop area 1 = John’s bag
Drop area 2 = Sarah’s bag

Draggable element = text: Apple

I want when I drag and drop text:apple to john’s bag to appear there. and when I drag and drop to Sarah than appear there.

First of all:

I should make a database: OWNER, FIELD: OWNERNAME: JOHN, Sarah

another database: bags field: itemname

thats, ok, but what workflow should I use? Thank you guys, you guys are awesome!!

And I’m still trying to understand it! :slight_smile:

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Wow, than its a real challenge for now :wink: Thanks, I will dig myself in soooooo deeply. did you get the principles, or are u a dragndrop understand fighter too? :smile: For what project do u plan to use @JohnMark ?

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I build a simple replicate of it to finally grasp the concept. It take some time :slight_smile: Have fun :sweat_smile:

pfff… :smiley: :smiley: Share me your project when u figured out any little principle :wink: I will let you know If I got something. @JohnMark

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Hope you guys understand between yourselves because I am completely lost as to who is asking for help. :rofl:


@JohnMark @richiemiller Ah! I know it’s definitely not super straightforward! Please let me know if you get stuck or have any questions as you replicate the demo and I’ll definitely try to clarify/help! :slight_smile:


@fayewatson It is super straightforward, but as I said, it take some time to grasp the concept. Always refered to your examples (many of them). So great job.

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I think I understand you! …or not? :smiley: :smiley: Same with the drag and drop. Just cant catch the fery basic principles… but working on it! :slight_smile:

Thanks @fayewatson, we are the though type of bubbler. (hopefully) so, working on it. Thanks for that!

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