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hi there

i looked everywhere but i still do not get it. i have a workflow that needs to be started once a week. i have a personal plan. but how can i do it. i tried to use

i tried this, but it does not work:
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i know there are recuring workflows, but even following the tutorials i do not get it. also because it seems not to work with my personal plan.


you want the workflow to run once a week? Or once every 5 seconds? (that’s a big difference!)

If you want it to run once per week, you definitely cant use an on-page workflow.

You need to set up a backend workflow - one which reschedules itself to run each week (i.e. a recursive workflow)

It’s dead simple to set up and there are countless forum posts and tutorials on how to do it.

But put simply - just create the workflow, and as the last step, and an action to reschedule itself to run again a week from the current date/time.

Then you just need to kick it off from somewhere.

and how do i start the recuring workflow for the first time? its just an update of the database from an API end point

Well, I wouldn’t use a recurring workflow (event)… just a regular backend (API) workflow.

Just start it from a button on a page somewhere (create a temporary admin page if you need to)

ok thanks :stuck_out_tongue:

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