Repeating Group: how to add several elements in a line?

I want to place several items in a row inside a Group. But it only allows me to place 1 Item (photo, text, etc…) in a row.

As you can see on a screenshot, There are four elements, and all of them are placed one by one. I need to place an image and a Name, right after in, in a line.

Also, I can’t just drug’n’drop them wherever I want inside a Group.

You are talking about the layout of the repeating group. It is set as column as far as I see. You have to set it as row in the layout tab of the properties.

I am trying to build something like this

These are usually a combination of groups within groups. For example, I can clearly see there are 3 column groups (one for picture, one for name and other info and one for rating and below) and in the second one, 6 row groups, and the last one has 3 row groups. Within the first row of the third column (rating and price), there is another 3 columns. Etc etc. It goes like this. I suggest you play with those a little bit outside your app with some fixed text, so you get familiar or better with it. Sometimes, with dynamic text, you dont see the exact style in the editor. After understanding the design with fixed text, then, apply it to your app.

I switched to Cells container Layout – “Fixed” and it seems what I am looking for.

Can I use “Fixed” to place all my elements inside or it’s a bad idea because of any reason and I should use rows/columns combination of groups instead?

For the example earlier it seems that I can just place all those elements wherever I want and thats it.

Fixed is easier but it is not responsive. If your app will be viewed in mobile, desktop, tablet etc, then fixed won’t work and they will have scrollbars all around. So, this is your call.

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Got it now. Thank you!