Repeating Group Images cached on desktop but not mobile?

Hi all, attempting to optimize our app’s speed and running into an issue.

View our app here, and click the camera name (CAM1/CAM2/CAM3) to display a popup of the selected camera’s images. I essentially recreated this window in a pixel-wide repeating group on each camera slideshow to cache the images for each camera on page load. When you test on a desktop and click on a camera name to display all the camera’s images at once, they’re already downloaded and appear immediately. Test on mobile and you can see the images load one by one in the same window.

It works like a charm on desktop, page loads in less than 4 seconds and changing images is lightning fast. However, on mobile, the page takes a while to load as if it’s downloading each camera’s images, but the images don’t seem to be cached as changing images is still quite slow.

Any advice here or other recommendations? Thanks!

Any advice here? Thanks again

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