Repeating group item disappearing after drag/drop event


I have a repeating group displaying draggable elements acting as a kind of sortable and editable list.

A user warned me that when they move an item, another item disappears. I tried looking with the step-by-step debugger but the “hiding” bug happens instantly so I’m not getting a lot of information from there.

If I look with my browser dev tool it looks like the item is still there. It’s just invisible somehow.

And if I refresh the page, the repeating group is ordered the way I would expect it to be. Showing that the data is properly updated.

It looks like it’s more an issue of the group not refreshing properly.

This repeating group worked well less than a month ago and I do not feel like I’ve edited them directly since I’ve implemented it.



Change after drop behavior from disappear to go back. Can’t remember exact terms but it is in the drag/drop group’s details. Disappearing is the default behavior.


Thank you! So it was in fact the same issue as on this post: Drag/drop groups bug

Looks like something has been updated and “broke” those drag elements (/changed their settings) or both @a.blackout98 and I are sleepnocoding at night…

I had made another post because after trying the solution in the post I linked above the issue was still present. Unfortunately I had made the change on one repeat group and was looking at another one to test… :man_facepalming:

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