Repeating group layered by row first

Hi all,
I might be being dumb here but I have a repeating group that is 5 columns and 2 rows. The data source is ordered so that it appears like this:

I want it to sort by column first and then drop down to the next row.


Hi there, @paul29… can you share a screenshot of the setup of your repeating group? If you have a repeating group with, for example, a fixed number of columns (5) and a fixed number of rows (2), it should display the data across the first column and then drop down to the second row.


Hi Mike,
Sorry for the delay in responding and thanks for your help here.

Yes I know that if I set a fixed number of rows and columns then it will have the response I want but I’m trying to make the page responsive to screen size so I have set it up to have variable number of columns

I have played around with making the number of rows variable too but that results in this effect: