Repeating group of Option Sets doesn't display properly

Guuyyyysss Is this right??? Do repeating groups of Option Sets act like this?..

I’ve got an RG, inside of it a single Group containing brand logos. Only 5 columns. Group has a conditional, Not Visible on a Page load unless meets the criteria.

And this👇 is what I get…

Hi @bestbubbledev :wave:

Yes, if the group doesn’t meet the condition, it will be invisible.
I suppose that it is what is happening.

If you want to load only the items that meet your condition, you should do it in your “Search”, when you are building your repeating group. Not after.

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Yeah but, Option Sets do not have the Do a Search For… What do you mean by search?

What criteria are you using to make them visible/invisible?

In case it helps, you can’t do a search for options in an option set, but you can use the :filtered operator to get only certain options from the set.


I just got to that conclusion Mike after @rpetribu 's suggestion. Thanks both of you guys :fist: