Repeating group (remove scrolling)

Hello, everyone

I have a problem with drag and drop.
When you start moving a block, the Repeating group starts scrolling, which causes the block to move off the mouse cursor, but it still moves with the mouse.

To solve this problem, I came to the conclusion that you need to stop scrolling at the moment of moving the block. Therefore, I believe that you need to use a HTML element that will stop scrolling. Just need to stop the scrolling of the group, and with the help of a condition I can change the ID attribute at the time of the block movement.

Since I don’t know HTML at all, maybe someone can write the code if it is not complicated.

Or maybe someone knows a better solution to this problem.

Thank you for your attention.

#IDofYourElement {
overflow: none !important;

You’ll want to set up the ID attribute on the repeating group in the conditionals tab…not sure about drag and drop but the condition is for when the drag element is dragged.

Thanks for your response. Really appreciate it

So I did that and changed the group ID to “MyID”. I checked without a condition and with it to see if it stops scrolling, but it still scrolls.

Perhaps, I did something wrong

Did you set the ID of the repeating group using the ID attribute?

Yes, of course

Replace “none” with “hidden”.
overflow: hidden !important;

Thank you so much

However, this change worked when I just wrote down the same ID as in the HTML element, but when I use the condition that the group ID is set to the same as in the HTML element, then the scroll display disappears and the group still continues to scroll

do not move :arrow_down:

Move :arrow_down:

Perhaps there is another function to completely eliminate scrolling

Or maybe my theory isn’t quite right.

If that is on the group then disable scrolling on overflow on the element inspector

What do you mean?

group elements in the flexbox responsive system have an option on the element inspector to ‘enable scroll on overflow’

Ohhhh, I found it.

But it still doesn’t work.

Thank you for answering my annoying questions so far.

Maybe I’ll try to find another solution to this problem. Since I see that my theory is not quite working.

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