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Repeating Group Resizing

On the repeating group I am noticing that the rows are resizing even though I do not want them to do so. I have set everything at a fixed width. Please advise on how to resolve this.

Can you share a link or replicate it? The fixed width only affects the width. Seems like your rows are resizing in height. That’s usually to do with the context in the row.

Thanks for the reply Raymond. When you say context of what is in it what do you mean? What factors will determine the height of a repeating group row? What factors could cause them to expand beyond the intended height?

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Sorry, typo. It must be contents. The repeating row expands in height according to the contents that’s inside it. I.o.w. if you have a long text or an image the row will expand according to the height it occupies BUT if it’s empty (no data) and the row below it has contents in it, it will remain at the minimum height at which it was designed. Hope it makes sense.

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That makes perfect sense. So can we manually force the row not to increase in height? So that every row has the same height?

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I’m on my mobile at the moment. I haven’t tried it before.

@Bradluffy have a look at the example I’ve uploaded on the Airdev Widgets page.

I hope it gives you some ideas.

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